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Our handpans

Today we produce three types of handpans using three different technologies. We conditionally name them (HP), (N2) and (STL). What the difference between them and what feature they have you can examine below.

Technology (HP – HardPan).

Our main idea and aspiration at the start of research was to create an instrument with a beautiful sounding passing the traditioanal technology of nitriding and to find our own sounding and to differ in some features as well.

There is a steady opinion or perhaps a stereotype in handpan society that it is impossible to receive a quality sounding instrument without using the nitriding process. It will have sound with colour of metal and and the tunning will keep not so long and that it has to be fine tune more often.

Nevertheless the results two year work and our researches shows that it is possible to achieve very good results. And as feature of this technology – we have sounding that differs from the nitrided instruments. Here we received the very bright sound with a powerful amplitude and sustain.

Using of high carbon steel instead of low-carbon and making number of heat  treat processes instead of nitriding gave us a hard steel that has the very proper sound qualities.

Now we surely can tell that the goal is achieved and the technology (HP) is new and unique and I hornestly proud of it!

Note: Best for light ambient playing and meditations.

Technology (N2)


But the idea to create an instrument using the international standards didn’t abandon us. We always open to try something new and it brought us to the technolgy N2 (N2 is for Nitrogen element from periodic table).  This one developed using the modern way of steel treatment called nitricarbonization (analog of nitriding).

What features this technology is remarkable? Here besides the necessary qualities of the material which creates the singing steel we receive nice resistance of the instrument to atmospheric influences. Development of corrosion is slowed down up to 2 times and it makes such modification of this handpan the best choice for traveling musicians.

Note: Best for fast percussive playing.


handpans_12Technology (STL)

We do a lot of reserches and as a result of one of them is the (STL) technology. (STL) – it is from STAINLESS. Ones we decided to test special stainless grade of steel and it amazed us with it musical and sounding abilities. It has a powerfull amplitude and great sustain. This material is fully resistant to corrosion and makes these instruments protected from all atmosphere influences.

Everyone chooses that he likes more. It is the matter of taste.

Note:  Best for light ambient playing, meditations and of course for traveling to a sea shore.

Here are the (HP), (N2) and (STL) technologies comparison